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Kids Can Be Victims of Human Trafficking

Vulnerable to being commercially, sexually exploited through prostitution, pornography, and/or erotic entertainment kids are a common target for human trafficking.
young girl with tears being held from behind by a man
The recruitment of kids for human trafficking can occur by a parent, family member, or an outside perpetrator. The Department of Justice reports that in nearly 25% of the child-exploitation cases they encounter, the child was forced into prostitution by a parent or family member.

The trafficking of minors can happen to kids within a home, as well as, to those who have left or lost their home. Kids likely to be approached by traffickers within 48 hours of leaving or losing their homes.

The bottom line is, no matter their socio-economic, racial, or ethnic background, no matter if they live at home or are a runaway, our kids are a vulnerable population for human trafficking.