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Who Are Victims of Human Trafficking?

Human traffickers look for people who are psychologically susceptible, emotionally vulnerable or are facing economic hardship. Victims can come from different socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Perpetrators lure the innocent into human trafficking through manipulation such as:

  • Showering them with attention
  • Making false promises
  • Giving them gifts and money
  • Faking romantic relationships

Pimps keep their victims under control through force, coercion, violence, rape and in some cases, threats to harm the victim’s family. The trauma caused by traffickers, (called a trauma-bond) can be so strong that many do not identify themselves as a victim of human trafficking. The control a pimp has over the victim and the victim’s fear of retribution typically cause the victim to feel powerless and trapped, resulting in a reluctance to ask for help, even when in public. In many cases, human trafficking is a hidden crime.