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15 year old girl needs help!

Help Keep Her Safe


Dear Poiema Family,

First I’d like to say THANK YOU! You have always been faithful to meet EVERY need we’ve posted. Because of your generosity and giving hearts, the 15 year old girl needing help was successfully admitted to an 18 month program.

This need hits our hearts in an even deeper way, as she is a relative of one of our own Poiema family members.

We are grateful she is safe and her healing journey has begun. This is a VERY hard stage of recovery and she is vulnerable to relapse. PLEASE pray for her and her family.

The cost for her to stay in this program is $3,000 a month. Her family will pay a small portion, as they are able. The donations Poiema received that were above and beyond the amount needed to get her into the program will be used to help meet this monthly fee. She is also required to fund raise.

You can read our original post about her at: https://www.poiemafoundation.org/15-year-old-in-need/

Thank you again for giving a young 15 year old girl hope and an opportunity to heal.

In His Service,
Rebecca Jowers