Poiema Foundation - Education and Public Awareness of Human Trafficking

2023 Outreach Review + December Updates

Pictured above: Poiema’s Mansfield campus departs on outreach from Mansfield Bible Church.

We are overjoyed by the ways God blessed our Outreach Ministry last year!

Below are our December updates in addition to our 2023 review of Community Awareness Outreach.

With unparalleled enthusiasm and commitment, our volunteers have built relationships with members of their communities. Through their efforts, they not only spread awareness about missing kids and the signs of human trafficking, but also created a ripple effect of compassion and unity throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and beyond.

Dozens of volunteers served on outreach each Saturday of the past year. In December alone, 13 Poiema outreach campuses covered 21 routes, passing out missing kids’ posters to almost 300 locations. Collectively, we passed out posters to over 4,200 locations across the whole of 2023!

In addition to handing out posters, our volunteers gathered valuable intel:

  • A clerk shared with our Denton volunteers a sighting of C. Allen, who was reported missing in November and remains unlocated. According to the clerk, C. Allen shared a room with another girl around her age and a man, who physically assaulted them and was allegedly planning to traffick the two girls.
  • Our Rockwall campus saw dangerous activity concerning female minors at two hotels on their routes. The volunteers quickly contacted 911 and 4TheOne’s private investigators. Both parties are investigating the situation.
  • When our Mansfield team presented a poster to a hotel clerk, the clerk eagerly retrieved a previous Poiema poster. Across the top, someone had documented, “All kids were found!” Praise the Lord!

Last year, we gained six new outreach campuses, ending our year with seventeen in total. This includes our newest campus through the Christian Campus Community group at the University of North Texas. They went on their first outreach in December. Welcome them to the Poiema family!

We look forward to more growth in 2024!  If your church would like to join us as an outreach partner, please email natalie@poiemafoundation.org.