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April Outreach

Outreach Volunteers - Thank You

Thank you for yet again for another amazing month of Community Awareness Outreach! Last month, we had 10 campuses go out on 21 different routes!

In April, I heard feedback of many exciting conversations with motel staff specifically. It is amazing to see how God is using relationships in this ministry! According to a few of our teams, motel staff excitedly shared helpful updates about the kids on the posters. One staff member in particular lit up at the sight of the volunteers walking in the motel because of his eagerness to share with them the news that he had. Even if the updates are small, this is a WIN! Through this, we see that God is using these relationships in order to create a community that wants these kids safe!

I am blown away by the hard work you all put in every month.

If you were not able to make it out this month, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities to attend Outreach. You can follow the link below to view the calendar on VolunteerHub.

Outreach Schedule