Poiema Foundation - Education and Public Awareness of Human Trafficking

April Outreach Update

As we enter the month of May (how are we almost halfway through the year!?) and reflect on last month’s outreach, we excitedly share the following stats:

Sixteen of Poiema’s outreach campuses covered 26 different routes. This means over 420 locations received missing kids posters last month! These numbers also include our newest campus in Southlake where we have begun a partnership with White’s Chapel Methodist Church. We’re excited to announce the addition of our sixteenth campus!

Here are the updates from the front lines! There have been sightings and recoveries of multiple youth because YOU went and handed out a poster! Keep reading for more details…

  • Dixie W. is a name many have become familiar with as she has frequented our missing kids posters, so I know it will be very exciting to find out she was found last month!!!
  • Z. Pride is a young lady that has been missing on and off for a long time. A clerk from the 7-Eleven on our Dallas route shared a possible sighting of her a few weeks ago. Our faithful volunteers encouraged the clerk to call the tip line if she sees Z. Pride again. Please keep this vulnerable youth’s safety in your prayers!
  • S. Braggs was recovered in early April but, sadly, is missing again this time from a different city… Please remember to pray for his recovery and that God will resolve and heal any issues plaguing him at home.
    Thank you for your continual support and service to this ministry! We could not do this without you!