Poiema Foundation - Education and Public Awareness of Human Trafficking

Outreach Update June 2022

Cheers to another amazing month of Community Awareness Outreach! Last month, we had 9 campuses go out on 18 different routes! 

I am excited to share the following updates from the outreach teams:

  • There were two different sightings of missing youth, A. Williams, shared with our team. These updates were sent to the 4TheOne PI’s who were able to use these details to nail down the investigation. A few days later, on June 11th, a PI from 4TheOne informed us that she was recovered!
  • In addition, our team of volunteers and the PI’s at 4TheOne are currently working on locating another minor that we have received multiple tips about. The very first tip came in via text message to the tip line from a man who had extensive knowledge regarding her whereabouts. This man found the tip line number on a Poiema poster at a Motel6! This particle minor is new to the posters; the PI’s are working diligently to get her to safety as soon as possible.
  • Lastly, on the Easley, South Carolina outreach this month one of the employees our team spoke with recognized two girls on the missing kids poster. The Poiema volunteers immediately passed this information onto the PIs they partner with there in SC.

I would like to offer a challenge for you to invite one friend to outreach. This may be their first time learning about human trafficking and by going on outreach, they will be able to see first-hand the suffering it causes all throughout our cities.

If you were not able to make it out this month, there are Outreach opportunities every Saturday.

Outreach Calendar

Thank you for all you do! Stay safe with these crazy temperatures!

Natalie Pirrone
Education and Outreach Director