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May Outreach - Three Kids Recovered!

Thank You Lord Jesus

Thank the Lord for another month of Community Awareness Outreach! In the month of May, we had 10 campuses go out on 20 different routes!

What a praise: We saw a lot of cooperation and assistance from hotels this month! One hotel clerk at Astro Inn Mesquite shared that he believed he saw all 4 of the missing kids at different locations of Astro Inn. He mentioned that his wife works at the location in Fort Worth so they are both keeping an eye out over there as well. Three different hotel locations mentioned seeing J.; and two different hotel locations mentioned seeing S. in the span of one month (one in Mesquite and one in Dallas). This is largely due to the relationships that our outreach campuses made with these hotel staff. So, THANK YOU.

Our volunteer leaders diligently shared this information with the 4TheOne PI’s who were able to follow up on all of these leads.

We later got an INCREDIBLE update:
Two minors, 16 and 17 years old, from the May posters were both recovered!!!
We also got word that D. (from a previous month’s poster), age 15 was recovered as well!

YOU are making a difference!
Thank You, Lord Jesus – Single by Rockin’ Red | Spotify

If you were not able to make it out this month, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities to attend Outreach.

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