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Outreach Update July 2022

Bedford Community Awareness Outreach Training to rescue trafficked minors.

As we head into the month of August, let’s pause and reflect on July’s Outreach efforts. Month after month God continues to use YOU, our faithful outreach volunteers, to spread awareness about missing children and human trafficking. Last month, 11 Outreach campuses covered 25 different routes! Approximately two hundred eighty locations in the metroplex received Poiema’s poster of missing children! Let’s pray this effort leads to many calls to the tip line, resulting in children being rescued.

New Bedford Campus Launched

Poiema also launched a new Outreach campus in July. We are grateful Mid-Cities Bible Church in Bedford, TX, is joining us in the fight against human trafficking. A core group of 17 volunteers served on their first outreach and distributed our poster of missing kids to 84 businesses. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and passion in this group of volunteers! We are excited to have them on board.

Tip Line Update

Last month I informed you that a private investigator with 4TheOne received a text on the tip line from someone who knew the location of N. Langford, a 15 year-old from a previous month’s poster. The citizen, who saw the Poiema poster at a Motel 6, reported seeing the minor on three different occasions and was able to provide those locations. We received an update from 4theOne, letting us know they found the missing youth’s social media account and they sent her case to CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) to be investigated as a trafficking case. The information received via the tip line was only possible because you serve!! Thank you!

Additional July updates include:

  • Three people in two different cities shared sightings of K. Polk! Two patrons at an Inn in Garland told volunteers they saw her at Motel 6 within the last 2 weeks. In Richardson, workers at the front desk of the Hyatt House also saw her recently. All this information was sent to the 4TheOne PI’s and will be added to the evidence to help aid in her recovery.
  • A hotel clerk from the Extended Suites in Plano shared a tip for D. Hall. The clerk called the tip line, reporting the minor was at the hotel with his mom. She was instructed to call the police.

I am grateful for these updates because they mean we are one step closer to finding these missing children.

Be the Voice in Your Community

I would like to offer a challenge for you to be a voice in your community. There are still many people who are unaware of human trafficking. God can use our knowledge on this subject if we just step out in faith and allow Him to use us. If you were unable to serve this month, there are many upcoming opportunities to attend Outreach.

Outreach Calendar

Thank you for all you do!

Natalie Pirrone
Education and Outreach Director