Poiema Foundation - Education and Public Awareness of Human Trafficking

Outreach Update - June 2023

Thank you for your consistent involvement with Poiema’s outreach ministry! We truly could not do this work without YOU. This is why sharing these updates with you each month brings me great joy!

  • Despite being the first month of Summer and many volunteers out of town, Poiema’s outreach campuses covered 21 different routes- this means over 400 locations received missing kids posters!
  • It is always inspiring to learn about the connections established with all the businesses along the routes. Many campuses have visited some of the same locations for years so have established wonderful connections with the employees there. What an opportunity to share the love of Jesus while also banding together to help find missing children!
  • In June, we had a total of 12 different children on our missing kids’ posters, FIVE of these boys and girls have been safely located!
  • A volunteer from our Denton campus shared an informational conversation she had with a store clerk from Sara’s Secret. The employee shared that she has witnessed many men park at the gas station next door and walk to the nearby hotel. Based on personal observations, she highly suspects trafficking may be going on between those three locations, especially at night. Please continue to pray for this location as well as this employee who has joined our efforts to fight against trafficking.

We are so thankful for Judy Jones (pictured above), our Bedford Outreach Leader who recently taught Human Trafficking 101 at First United Methodist Church. If you would also like to teach and equip others or host a Poiema presentation, please email me and we will discuss the next steps! Training is available.

God bless you!

Natalie Pirrone
Education and Outreach Director