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Outreach Updates - January 2024

Pictured above: Poiema’s Rockwall campus before departing on outreach.

Thanks to everyone who served on outreach in January, we had a fantastic start to 2024. We are praying for a continued fruitful year for the ministry!

Late last year, we were excited to welcome the Christian Campus Community at UNT as an outreach campus. Through the efforts of our now 17 campuses, we were able to deliver missing kids’ posters across almost 500 locations this past month!

In addition to passing out posters, our outreach teams have the unique advantage of building relationships with members of the DFW community (e.g., hotel clerks, store employees, local residents) while gathering intel on missing kids.

Although these interactions may seem inconsequential, they have allowed our teams to provide 4TheOne private investigators with information that has helped them to close many cases.

Following is the fruit of some helpful conversations from the past month:

  • A volunteer from our Rockwall campus spoke with a Super 8 clerk, who saw C. Taylor at a local liquor store. Our team then visited the liquor store and supplied the employees with posters. The employees graciously agreed to call the tip line if they saw C. Taylor again, or if they saw another youth in danger.
  • A hotel clerk in Carrollton recently sighted J. White at a restaurant near their hotel. ยท C. Taylor and J. White are still missing. Please pray that the Lord will provide more intel regarding their whereabouts, so authorities can locate them and bring them to safety.
  • Of the nine children on our posters last month, TWO were safely located.

We cannot express our gratitude enough. Thank you to all our outreach volunteers for selflessly giving a few hours a month to help us locate missing children in the DFW metroplex.

Keep up the good fight!

Natalie Pirrone
Education and Outreach Director
945-766-0255 (mobile)

If you weren’t able to make it out last month, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities to attend Outreach! You can follow the link below to view the calendar on VolunteerHub:
Poiema Foundation (volunteerhub.com)