Poiema Foundation - Education and Public Awareness of Human Trafficking

We cannot stop trafficking without you! - October Outreach Update

October provided another great month for Community Awareness Outreach! We had 10 campuses go out on 19 different routes! We cannot do this without you.

I eagerly share the following updates with you from October’s Outreach:

  • A private investigator with 4TheOne excitedly shared that N. Lankford was located on 10/5/22! This is a youth we have consistently prayed over, so the news of her recovery brought much joy!
  • The last week of October, 4TheOne assisted in the recovery of THREE missing youth! Poiema worked diligently to assist their team with one of these tedious cases. After many quiet months, the team began to assume the worst — BUT, thankfully we received word M. Graciela, was found!
  • We had the opportunity to partner with Prestonwood Baptist Church last month during their Serve Saturday. We conducted an Outreach training and then they joined our Carrollton team for Outreach. They were really encouraged by the education they received and the impact the ministry is making on their community! Your service is a vital part of this ministry.  

If you were not able to make it out this month, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities to attend Outreach. You can follow the link below to view the calendar on VolunteerHub.

The hard work and devotion you all pour out each month continues to bless those around you.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Fall season!!

Natalie Pirrone
Education and Outreach Director